About us

The designers.

Fascinated by mom’s jewelry. Captivated by anything sparkly. Spellbound by trends and fashion. Charmed by details. Mesmerized by design. Hypnotized by beautiful objects.

Jewelry boxes were their toy chests. For hours and hours they would play with all the lovely gems in these magnificent treasure troves. These first experiences with the many shapes, colors, designs and materials at their disposal would refine their tastes and pave the way for a bright future in jewelry design.

Creative design is at the heart of Aroz. It’s an essential part of what the brand stands for. All Aroz pieces are created by the Sole sisters, there are no limits to where their imagination can take their designs. Trips to far-away countries, paintings, beautiful scenery or Christmas ornaments… They are moved by all aspects of life and happily incorporate all of their impressions and inspirations into the Aroz collections.

Laura & Paola

Laura and Paola entrust their creative designs to a Portuguese, family-owned workshop. All pieces are made with great attention to detail and to the highest quality standards. A match made in heaven, resulting in Aroz’ first precious metals collection (silver and vermeil).

The Sole sisters manage every step of your Aroz experience: from the moment you fall in love with one of their pieces to the moment your special delivery arrives at your doorstep. You can rest assured that your purchase is in capable hands.

Aroz customers are invited to visit the showroom, upon appointment, in the Chatelain district of Brussels, home to some of the city’s most beautiful shops and streets. Laura and Paola will take the time to show you their collections and introduce you to the world of Aroz. A perfect moment to unwind, discover original, stunning pieces of jewelry and enjoy a good cup of coffee in a tasteful setting.

Every month, the Aroz showroom opens its doors, offering its customers the opportunity to discover the collections, try on new pieces and talk to the designers. Follow Aroz Jewelry on Facebook or Instagram for regular updates on upcoming events.