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Aroz x Bellerose - Cowboy necklace


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Aroz x Bellerose - Cowboy necklace

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When Bellerose meets Aroz... Unique jewelry bloom, designed hand in hand with Pascale & Laetitia, Bellerose designers. The perfect opportunity to celebrate the end of the year with a new collaboration between kindred Belgian spirits. Our shared obsession for blooming buttercups, violet buds and gardenias sparked this capsule full of delicate flowers frozen in an aura of uncommon beauty.

Made with love in Portugal, every piece is unique. This piece has been worked on for 105 minutes by our craftsmen. Each necklace has been designed to capture the ethereal grace of blooming flowers.

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Aroz Tips

We like to wear it on a button-down shirt for a very elegant style.

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