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Aroz stories : Gioia from AIKO

To celebrate Mother's Day, Aroz went to meet Gioia, this inspiring super-mum! Gioia creates patchworks from quality materials such as kimonos, jeans and cashmere sweaters, and gives them a poetic new life. 

"La Isla" Collection

Immerse yourself in the rocky world of Lanzarote with our new ‘La Isla’ Part.1 collection!

Mob Wife trend: which jewellery to wear?

Shine like a Mafia Queen: The must-have jewellery of the Mob Wife trend

Aroz stories : Louka & Paul Delrez

Explore the world of Louka and Paul Delrez, the duo behind "Hot Regressive Cuisine" on Instagram. Together in both life and work, they have recently released a book bearing the same name, reflecting their passion for cooking. We won't reveal more; we'll let you discover their story for yourself.

Spotlight #3 : First inquiries

The quality 

Spotlight #2 : first inquiries


Aroz stories : Nele from Collectors Club

Aroz Stories introduces you to Nele, founder of Collectors Club, a ready-to-wear brand for women. This collaboration between Aroz and CC invites you to meet this inspiring designer, who is also a super-mom.

Spotlight #1 : the beginning by Laura Sole

Aroz presents its new production: SPOTLIGHT, a series of episodes that will highlight each step of Aroz's journey.

Aroz stories : Chloé Sengier

Aroz stories introduces you to Chloé, Serial food entrepreneur and creator of Coco Donuts, Crème Brussels & Bisou.

Our best addresses in Châtelain.

Ready for a memorable day in Châtelain? Discover our favorite addresses in the heart of Brussels!

Most asked questions on Aroz

Do you have a question about our jewels? About our shop? About the delivery of your order? We answer you right here.

Aroz stories : Laura, Co-founder and Artistic Director of Aroz Jewelry

Aroz stories introduces Laura, Co-founder and Artistic Director of Aroz Jewelry.

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