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ROCHE : Marseille

Non-exhaustive itinerary for a weekend in Marseille

Our engravings : the guide

A loving word, an affectionate nickname, a drawing that represents you, we make your dreams come true ! 

Aroz Stories : Knees to Chin

Knees to Chin is a little piece of the vietnamese streets that Agathe and Roxane brought to us. The birth of this crazy project, its evolution and their inspiration, they tell us. 

Our 2021 summer archives

Discover our 2021 summer archives, with soft prices...

Spring 2021 : a selection to makes us travel

For the program: beach, sun and shells...

Aroz Stories : Rebel wine bar

For the launch of our unisex category, Aroz Stories introduces you to Léopaul and Paul-Antoine, co-managers of the atypical wine bar : REBEL.

Meet Roxane

Portrait : Roxane, our fire Communication and Marketing manager

Spring 2021 : a sunny selection

Some inspiration for your summer looks!

Aroz x Bellerose : a collab full of sun

Lorsque Bellerose rencontre Aroz... Des bijoux uniques dessinés main dans la main avec les stylistes Bellerose Pascale et Laetitia. 

Size guide : a little help to avoid mistakes

There are several options available to you to find out your ring size.

Aroz Stories : De Lana

From a close mother-daughter relationship, a project was born: De Lana.

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