30 Jul,2021

Our engravings

Did you know that it is possible to customise your little Aroz treasures ? A sweet word, or moment to remember, or a symbol that speaks to you, make your jewel a unique piece that is unlike any other ! 

Questions, doubts, concerns ? We answer all your questions !

All our engravings are made by us here in Châtelain. We try our best to respect your project and make it as lovely as possible.


1. Ordering online 

More on the online team ? Then there's  nothing easier : all you have to do is go on our eshop in the cutomization tab or just click here

Then you can choose the model you like with the inscription that you want on it. And that's it ! Our engravings are always centered and adjusted depending the jewel you chose. So do not worry if you encounter difficulties placing your elements correctly on the module. 

In any case if we have doubts we will reach out to you. 

After that, all you have to do is to come pick it up at our Showroom or wait for the letter carrier to ring at your door. 

2. Customizing your jewel at our Showroom 

If you live nearby, do not hesitate to pass by during our openings days! The schedule of our openings without appointments are available here and  you can otherwise schedule a visit just by clicking here

You will then be able to choose between all our engraved jewels and explain your little project to us. 

If the person in charge of the engravings is available you will be able to leave directly with your precious. Otherwise count on 1 to 2 days to come and pick up your engraved jewel.

3. Infinitely customisable

On the practical side, apart from the rings we can engrave the front (15 euros) as well as the back (15 euros) of our medallions. Small exceptions made for the Malia and Twisted ones where it is not possible to engrave the back. 

Still hesitating about engraving the back of your medallion ? No worries, just pay for it and specify it to us via email ! 

In the case of a personal project, it is possible to engrave anything you like as long as you send it to us in PNG format. 

You just have to check the box "personal project" on the module. This type of project generally costs 25 euros. 

4. Our 19k gold medallions 

Our 19k gold engraving medallions allow you to make unique a jewel that will last a lifetime. 

We have therefore chosen to give them a smooth and rounded shape that we want to be timeless. It's the perfect match with each of your medallions. 

This one comes in three sizes determined by their diameter : 1cm, 1,5cm and 2cm. 

Please note that all our gold pendants are in pre-order to avoid overproduction. This way we avoid unnecessary production of stock. It will be necessary to foresee a delay of 2 to 3 weeks as from the date of the order.  

In need of some inspiration ?

Don't hesitate to take a look at our catalogue in our customization program just here that offers a selection of typographies and small illustrations. 

You can also find compositions or projects by clicking right here on the eshop ! 

If you have any questions or need advice, don't hesitate to contact us by email at bonjour@arozjewelry or come visit us at the Showroom we will be happy to guide you in the customization of your little jewel. 

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