An importante date, the initials or names of your children, a precious memory or simply a symbol dear to your heart... it's up to you to write your story! The jewelry is directly engraved in our Brussels workshop.


Engravings made on our shop in Brussels

Personalise your jewel either on the eshop or directly in the shop (before or after purchase). All engravings are made on site, in Brussels. The price is 10€ (per side) and 15€ (per side) for a personal project.

Engravings at the shop: it takes between 10 and 20 minutes on the spot and leave directly with your personalized jewel.

Engraving online : it takes2 to 5 days to receive your engraved piece. If your order is urgent, use DHL which guarantees delivery within 45 hours.

Jewelry to engrave

Jewelry in 925 silver or vermeil (925 silver plated with 24 carat gold) handmade in Portugal. Jewellery engraved by us in our shop in Ixelles, Belgium. Each engraving is meticulously and conscientiously made to respond to your expectations. 

Unique jewelry, as you

An important date, the initials or first names of your children, a precious memory... It's up to you to write your story.

Bracelet Noma

Select the jewel of your choice and create your design to make it unique.Click here to start 

Elton bracelet
Gina bracelet

With our Gina engraved bracelet, you can create your jewel. A letter, a quote, a date, a symbol or even your drawing, everything is possible, let your imagination flow! A unique piece that will enhance your jewelry collection. 

Dalia medallion

Dalia is our vintage inspirational medallion. An imposing and delicate design that will enhance your jewelry look! That is the perfect model to engrave, A drawing, a word or a symbol: let your creativity and your imagination be your guide!

1,5 cm medallion

The birth announcement, engraved forever. The perfect gift for a mother, godmother or grandmother. 

for mama

An unique jewel, which symbolizes a precious moment, a common memory. A message to pass on, an "I love you" engraved forever.

The Amor medallion, with the names of her children, written by her children. 

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