Discover Aroz Jewelry, 925 silver and vermeil jewelry, conscientiously handcrafted in our Portuguese workshops. Guaranteed for one year. 


Summer 2022

Big mesh jewelry
Chain bracelets and golden ring
Small earrings
Medallions to engrave
Golden earcuff
3 in 1 earrings
Big mesh bracelet

When we think of Venise, we instantly imagine its rides on gondolas and its majestic buildings around the river... These are the thoughts that inspired the collection Dario, named after the Palazzo Dario. The meshes of this chain are assembled by hand, one by one, by our craftsmen. Directly inspired by long and curved windows that we can find on the façade of the palace. A jewel that has an organic texture, reminding the slow moves of the Grand Canal's water and that dives us in a historical and romantic atmosphere in the city of love...

Pearls of Murano Glass

Murano is a small island along Venise, known for its glass art. Born through a meeting between Anusch and Aroz, each piece made out of Murano glass from our Donato collection is unique and handmade in Belgium by Anusch. Jewelry inspired by Laura & Paola's watercolor palets. Tart colors that reminds us of the soft flavors of the Italian Dolce Vita... A pendant that can be worn on a hoop or a chain, depending on your mood!

Golden pending earrings
3 in 1 earrings
Vermeil and 925 Silver bracelets
Chain bracelets

Ciao Signorina

A hot sun that stings the skin, the shiver of the tomato sauce that's cooking, sticky fingers because of gelato al limone, the sweet smell of freshly cut lemons, all lulled by the singing voices of an Italian family dinner.


Idylle golden earrings
Golden chain
Golden hoops
Necklace to engrave
Golden bracelet
Vermeil rings Marselha, Pharo and Mini Sormiou
Medallion to engrave


Discover or re-discover our timeless pieces. Jewelry handcrafted in Europe in a small family workshop. Jewelry designed to last over time, to last a lifetime. 

Golden pendant and zircon pendant
Rings duo Bloom & Boom
Flower ring made in collaboration with Bellerose
Rings with zircon stones in 18 carat gold
Rings with multicolors zircon stones in 18 carat gold


Jewelry to personalize (engraving made in our Brussels workshops)
Rings to engrave
Bracelet inspired by nature
Duo of smooth and hammered ring Gala & Dali
Pendant to personalize with a Stella zircon
Boa snake necklace
Modular earrings Boa

The MILLE & UNE NUITS collection

Mille & une nuits, jewelry inspired by oriental countries and their tales. A capsule designed to make you shine during the holidays. From intertwined snakes to pieces set with zircons, let yourself be drawn into the magic of this festive season.

Boa Snake Necklace
Combination of Rosaria, Mary 1,5 cm and Cassie creole earrings
Ali snake earring
Adjustable Boa earrings
Adjustable Boa earrings

FALL 2021

The ROCHE collection

Roche, or a collection that was inspired by those moments spent lounging in Marseille's calanques, walking along their rocky shores swept by the mistral. A collection with unique and irregular shapes, like a wind of nostalgia that reminds us of summer and holidays on the beach with our feet in the water. A place where life is good and seems softer. A gentle way to end the summer.

Handmade with love in Portugal, each necklace is unique and made with a lot of love.

Olivia & John


Summer 2021

Our new bangle for summer 2021. Discover all our latest creations in the News tab on the eshop.

Lookbook 2021
Lookbook 2021

 Our Austin ring, similar to pretty braided ribbons, will bring you an elegant and feminine touch? Its delicate side makes it a piece that we love to wear every day! 

Lookbook 2021
Lookbook 2021
Malia ring

Malia is a ring inspired by a trip to Greece and more particularly from the Phaistos disc. Its delicate engravings surrounded by small zircons will bring a subtle and luxurious touch to your outfit.

Handmade jewelry
Sam anklet

Perfect for summer

With its faceted and shiny mesh, the Sam bracelet gives the impression of being assembled from thousands of small shards.


Azel necklace

Our Azel necklace is inspired by objects found in small artisans in Asilah, Morocco. By its simplicity and it's hammered appearance, it will enhance your simplest outfit. This model is also declined in bracelet and earrings. 

Paco I earrings
Lookbook 2021
Lookbook 2021

Accumulation of necklaces with the Cesar chain 35 cm, the Solar necklace, the Tiny chain 50 cm + the Jade medallion and the Tessa necklace.


Elvis chain
lookbook 2021
Lookbook 2021

The Elvis chain is the assembly of links reworked and filed one by one by our craftsmen. This luxurious chain is therefore the result of precision work and meticulous craftsmanship. The Elvis chain is enough to itself and will be the reflection of your brilliance.

Dots blanco & Solar

Aroz Tips : The Dots blanco and Solar rings, the perfect duo to never separate.

Dean bracelet
Grigri ring

The Grigri ring is inspired by nature and more specifically by the Ginkgo tree. The leaves of the tree are delicately reproduced by our workshops. This design is also available as a necklace and earrings

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