Discover Aroz Jewelry, 925 silver and vermeil jewelry, conscientiously handcrafted in our Portuguese workshops. Guaranteed for one year. 



Hoops earrings
maximalist rings

Origin collection

Discover our new Origin collection, inspired by the pure beauty of natural elements.

Aroz x Collectors club

Dive into the maximalist world of our latest collaboration: Aroz Jewelry x Collectors Club, a Belgian brand that we love and share the same values with. Together, we have created a capsule collection of organic and unique shapes, inspired by the famous CC of the brand, consisting of two pairs of earrings and two ear cuffs. Strong and daring pieces that we hope will seduce you as much as they have inspired us.

WINTER 2022-2023

925 silver earrings
Gold and silver ring
19k gold piercing

COSMOS collection

Discover our Cosmos collection, a mix of textures and shapes, that subtly reminds us of different elements of the Universe. A capsule composed of spheres, ellipses, rings made out of silver, vermeil and two-tones stones.

925 silver earrings
silver jewelry
Sun earrings

Aroz x Septem Paris

The Aurore earrings are two suns hammered with love to radiate you with their golden rays. They can be worn day or night. Their asperities reflect the changing glow of the sky and illuminate the face with an ever-changing light.

This sun is inspired by the one that the artist Emilie Bouguereau designed for the Astro print of the Cosmos collection at Septem Paris.

Handmade in Portugal, each pair of earrings is unique and designed with a lot of love.


Large links jewelry
Gold bracelets and rings
3 in 1 earrings
Large links bracelet

When we think of Venice, we immediately imagine its gondola rides and majestic buildings along the river... That's why our Dario necklace is named after the Palazzo Dario. The links of this chain are hand assembled one by one by our artisans and directly inspired by the long curved windows found on the facade of the palace. A jewel whose organic texture recalls the movements of the water of the Grand Canal and immerses us in the historical and romantic atmosphere of the city of lovers...

Murano glass pearl

Murano is a small island off the coast of Venice, famous for its glass art. Born from a match between Anusch and Aroz, each Murano glass piece from our Donato collection is unique and handmade in Belgium by Anusch. Jewelry inspired by Laura and Paola's watercolor palettes. Bright colors that remember the sweet flavors of the Italian dolce vita... A pendant to wear on a hoop or on a chain, depending on your mood of the day!

Ciao Signorina

Warm sunshine burning on the skin, the simmering of tomato sauce, sticky fingers of gelato al limone, the sweet smell of freshly cut lemon, all lulled by the lilting voices of an Italian family dinner.

FALL 2021

Gold hoops earrings
19k gold earrings
Rings combinaison silver & gold
Necklace inspired by rock from Marseille
Organic necklace
Boucles d'oreilles dorées inspirées de Marseille

ROCHE collection

Roche, or a collection that was inspired by those moments spent lounging in Marseille's calanques, walking along their rocky shores swept by the mistral. A collection with unique and irregular shapes, like a wind of nostalgia that reminds us of summer and holidays on the beach, with our feet in the water. Where life is good and seems softer. A gentle way to start this autumn...

Silver necklace inspired by Marseille

Handmade in Portugal, each necklace is unique and made with a lot of love.

Olivia & John
Gold rings
Handemade jewelry
Gold necklaces
Gold stud set
Gold rings


Aroz x Bellerose 

Seashell necklaces
Gold earring
Coral necklace

When Bellerose meets Aroz... Unique jewelry designed hand in hand with Bellerose designers, Pascale and Laetitia. The perfect opportunity to celebrate summer with a collaboration between two kindred Belgian spirits. A mutual love for rocky beaches, enchanting shells and capricious corals inspired this capsule full of organic and natural shapes. Made with love in Portugal, designed to make you shine like the sun.

In this capsule, we find our Coral necklace. Obviously, it is inspired by the beauty of coral reefs, and more particularly by red coral: a symbol of life.

Coral necklace
Coral earrings
Combinaison de bijoux dorés
Gold earrings


Gold necklace

Our Azel necklace is inspired by objects found in small artisans in Asilah, Morocco. By its simplicity and it's hammered appearance, it will enhance your simplest outfit. This model is also declined in bracelet and earrings. Handmade in Portugal, each necklace is unique and designed with great love.

Paco earrings


Elvis chain

The Elvis chain is the result of a precious and conscientious work realized by our atelier. This luxurious gold chain will perfectly fit into your wardrobe and can be worn with more discreet jewelry to complete your casual look. Handmade in Portugal, each necklace is unique and design with lots of love.

Dots blanco & Solar

Our tips : The Dots blanco and Solar rings its the perfect duo to wear together

Dean bracelet
Grigri ring

The Grigri ring is inspired by nature and more particularly by the Ginkgo tree. The leaves of the tree are delicately reproduced by our craftsmen. This piece is also available as a necklace and earrings.

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