Fine jewelry

Jewelry in 9, 18 and 19 carat gold, delicately handcrafted by artisans in our workshops in Spain and Portugal. Creations with pure lines that will make you never want to take them off. A unique and meaningful piece of jewellery that will accompany you at every step of your life. 

Minimalist gold piercing

Alula 9k gold stud

Price €39.00
9ct gold hoop

Celeste 9k gold earring

Price €55.00
Gold hoop earring with stone

Nova 9k gold earring

Price €65.00
Helix piercing

Adara 18k gold piercing

Price €95.00
Helix gold piercing

Alula 18k gold piercing

Price €89.00
Christmas gift ideas

Luna 18k gold piercing

Price €105.00
Handmade jewelry brussels

Astra 18k gold piercing

Price €99.00
Jewelry shop Brussels

Eris 18k gold piercing

Price €95.00
Aroz x Think Pink - La Cinta 9k gold earring
Price €59.00

The Cinta, or ribbon in Spanish, gets its full sense in this collaboration with the Think Pink association. Timeless and seductive, this 9 carat gold earring is perfect for everyday. The earring is available in limited quantities from 12 October to 13 November, and 20% of the profits will be donated to Think Pink. 

Gold coloured ring

Suzy 19k gold ring

Price €289.00
19k gold bracelet to engrave

La Gourmette bracelet to engrave

Price €460.00
19k gold medallion

18k gold engraved 2 cm medallion

Price €489.00
engravable gold medallion

19k gold engraved 1,5 cm medallion

Price €305.00
19k gold engraved 1 cm medallion
Back soon
Price €205.00
19k gold Archie chain
Price €265.00
19k gold pendant with white stones

19k gold Lise pendant

Price €156.00
19k gold ring with white stone

Pipa 19k gold ring

Price €460.00
19k gold engagement fine ring with stones

Charly 19k gold ring

Price €220.00
19k gold ring

Harry 19k gold ring

Price €250.00
19k gold fine hammered ring

Magy 19k gold ring

Price €220.00
19k gold ring

Lise 19k gold ring

Price €250.00
fine 19k gold ring with stone

Beth 19k gold ring

Price €220.00
18k gold piercing with balls

Liny 18k gold piercing

Price €85.00
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