Handmade jewelry

Salinas Uno ring

Price €85.00
Costa earrings

Costa earrings

Price €189.00
18k gold necklace

La Graciosa necklace

Price €115.00
Birthday present ideas

La Roca ring

Price €145.00
Mom gifts

La Graciosa ring

Price €145.00
Women ear ring

Bosco stud

Price €95.00
Gold hoops

Luz Olive 9k gold earring

Price €79.00
Gold hoop ear ring

Aroz x Septem - Creoli earrings

Price €135.00
Le Trio earring
Price €115.00


With its shape and mix of textures, our Le Trio earring is light, delicate and singular. We wear it as a pair or with a more asymmetrical look with the earring Le Duo.

Handmade in Portugal, each pair of earrings is unique and designed with great love.

gold earrings

Phoebe earrings

Price €165.00
Dernière chance
2cm Engraved Medallion

2cm Engraved Medallion

Price €65.00

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