12 Apr,2021


To make sure you don't make any mistake while buying online, the AROZ Jewelry team has prepared a small size guide with several options available to you. 

Vermeil rings
19k gold rings

How to know my rings size?

1- Measure you finger with a tape or thread. Wrap a ribbon or thread around your finger and measure it flat. If you see that the flat length is 50mm, then your ring size is 50. 

2- Measure the diameter of one of your ring with a ruler and compare it with the table below. 

Otherwise, to make sure you don't make any mistake, you can always come and try the rings on in our jeweller

Moreover, if you bought one of our rings and the size does not suit you, you have 14 days to come and exchange it for another size in our shop. For more information, go on the return & exchanges page

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