Our workshop

Our Workshop

And then one day, the pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

Before we started designing and producing our own brand of jewelry, we would stock our web shop with the brands that we discovered on our travels and at trade fairs. While we absolutely adored our lovely designers and suppliers, we felt that we were missing something… Some of our jewels had the “Made in France” or “Made in Italy” stamp on them, but there wasn’t a lot of European craftsmanship behind their European label. As consumers ourselves, we demand transparency around all of the products we buy in stores, the supermarket, etc., so we felt the need for more transparency about the products we were selling too. We wanted to be able to tell our customers where our products came from and how they were made. So, in February 2017, we decided to take the next big step in our Aroz jewelry journey.


Porto, 2017

Portugal is well-known for the quality and expertise of its craftsmen and craftswomen. On a trip to this beautiful country, our paths crossed with Carla’s. We hit it off immediately, it was as if we had found a “business soulmate” in her. Who knows it if was a coincidence or fate… but the result of our encounter was the start of a very fruitful collaboration.

Porto, 1976

Carla’s workshop was established in 1976 in the city Porto, in Portugal. Today, it employs over 40 artisans, each one more talented than the next.
We are very proud to be able to say that, thanks to our meeting with Carla, we had the courage to take the next step and create our own Aroz brand jewelry.

Each and every piece of Aroz jewelry, passes through their hands, from the polishing to the finished product. Sometimes Carla’s artisans even create bespoke tools for the production of our collections. The workshop keeps the highest standards of labour ethics and refuses to use any raw materials from mines known for child labour, slavery or unfair working conditions.

Since our meeting that day in February 2017, Carla has worked with us on each of our Aroz capsule collections. We do the design work, and she makes sure that our sketches and technical specifications arrive safely in the hands of Afonso. Afonso, our rare gem. At the tender age of 27, he has already mastered the art of goldsmithing. Afonso is also in charge of the work shop crew. A single glance at our sketches are enough for him to understand what we want, to develop beautiful prototypes and manage the production of our jewelry with the team.