Second life

All Aroz Jewelry* is guaranteed for 1 year


From November 17th, our Second Life service is temporarily closed. By January 2023, we will again take repairs and gold baths. Please keep your precious items at home until the beginning of January. The warranty will be extended by 2 months. 

We repair, re-sold and re-gild your Aroz Jewelry free of charge for 1 year.
After this period, it will still be possible to give a second life to your jewelry, but a financial participation will be asked. It takes 4-5 weeks to get your precious jewels back.

Price :

Gold bath or repair (soldering, stone, clasp...) : 8€ per piece of jewelry*

*If gold bath + repair : 16€ per piece of jewelry 

How to proceed? 

1. At the Showroom

You can make an appointment directly at the Showroom (50 rue du Tabellion, 1050 Ixelles) via our Appointment tab. We will be happy to receive you and send your jewelry to the workshop to give it a second life.

2. By post

If you can't come to the Showroom, don't worry. It's also possible to send them to us.

1° Download this form and complete it 

2° If your jewels are no longer guaranteed, send us the proof of payment by e-mail [email protected]

3° Send us your jewels + completed form in a secure parcel (no envelope) to this address

Le Showroom Aroz
50 Rue du Tabellion 
1050 Ixelles

* All Aroz Jewelry designed by us since 2018. The second Life guarantee and service are not applied to ur old jewelry from other suppliers with whom we have not worked for several years. 

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